physical shape


"A feeble body enfeebles the mind."
Jean Jaques Rousseau

Although most of my teachings here deal with the mind, it is important to realize that the mind needs the body as a support system. Your body and mind work together to produce power, and if you train one, and exclude the other, your practices will suffer for it.

It is not necessary to knock yourself out by trying to be Superman. The body's basic requirements are not that great. I'll just point out a few basics. How far you take any exercise program is up to you.

1. You need a minimum of twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week.

2. Try to avoid sugar in the diet.

3. Limit your intake of red meat. Large quantities are known to cause problems.

4. Avoid excess fat. The high fat, low fiber diet common today is also a common cause of various types of cancer, as well as contributing to heart troubles.

5. Some good cardiovascular excercises are running, swimming, skipping rope, and bicycling.

These ideas are just basics. If you find time for any of these things at least three times a week, and watch what you eat, your body and mind will be the better for it.

I have more in mind for this section, and will add it as I can.