jedi philosophy


Here are some of the points that to me make up the Jedi Way. Other Jedi may have different views and ideas. I present only what is true of me. These are the views I follow for myself as a Jedi.

Basic Cosmotheism

There is a basic unity that binds us to the cosmos around us, a common thread that links us to each other and to all of creation. Our purpose in life is to perfect ourselves as individuals and as a species, and to evolve towards a higher perfection of being.

Martial Arts and Zen

These are used together to develop physical shape as well as inner peace through meditation and mental discipline. Martial arts teach us not only how to fight when we must defend ourselves or others,but if our lessons are well learned, they also teach us how not to fight.

Supernatural Powers

There is nothing supernatural about mystical powers such as healing or telekenesis or anything else. They are powers we can all have to one degree or another through patience and practice. All we must do is believe in them and in ourselves.


The most basic code of knighthood is this: Be honest,brave, and true. Do good in the service of others. Protect the weak and uphold justice.