jedi meditations

This first meditation is a simple relaxation exercise. You do not need to be all alone or have total quiet. It is not meant to be a deep meditation. I often use it to relax in the middle of whatever is going on around me.

Sit in a comfortable position. The actual position does not matter so much as long as you are sure to keep your head up and your spine straight. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, mentally say THERE IS NO EMOTION. Breath in and say THERE IS PEACE. Breath out and say THERE IS NO IGNORANCE. Breath in and say THERE IS KNOWLEDGE. Breath out and say THERE IS NO PASSION. Breath in and say THERE IS SERENITY. Breath out and say THERE IS NO DEATH. Breath in and say THERE IS THE FORCE. Repeat this as long as you can stay focused. Practice only short periods at first and gradually increase the length until you can meditate for as long as you wish.

There are two things to keep in mind when doing this exercise. Keep the mental words flowing as you breath. They occupy the concious mind and allow the inner mind to rise. Also breathing should be done as in Zen. Breath in and out through the nose, and breath from the abdomen not the chest.


Deeper meditation

This is a deep meditation, and for it you should be alone and undisturbed. As before, find a comfortable position and settle into your breathing. Let the outside world drop away. Let nothing disturb you. Come to exist only in your own mind. Focus on the third eye(Hindus call this the thousand petalled lotus). If you can, roll your eyes up as well and physically focus on this area behind closed eyelids. Let yourself move from you concious mind to your inner self. You may only be able to focus for a few minutes at first. No problem. Take time. Your concious mind has been told for so long that it is the boss that it will take time to tell it your inner self is taking over. Regular practice will help you realize deeper and longer meditation.