martial philosophy


Violence is a fact of life. We cannot ignore it just because we wish it wasn't there. When it strikes we must be able to deal with it. Different Jedi use different arts,so I will not speak of any one style. I wish here only to point out a few things that should help anyone regardless of the specific art they practice.

You should always be loose and easy in motion. Forcing tense muscles to move slows them down and can cause injury. Keep relaxed.

Do not glare insanely at your opponent or even focus on only them. You must have a total awareness of all that is around you. The whole point of the fight is to put yourself in the best position to end it quickly. To do this you must see the whole picture.

Never anticipate the outcome. Simply let nature take its course. Your weapons will strike at the right moment.

Give up hope. Hope kills. Deal with what is. Do not hope it will just go away because it won't.

Stay calm and loose. Let nothing in your manner betray the fact that you just stepped into mortal combat.

Do not be reckless in combat. Recklessness leads to mistakes and lost opporotunities.

Never fight a battle you do not have to win. If you can afford to lose, it's probably not worth fighting about anyway.


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